Monday, October 12, 2009

If footmen tire you, what will horses do?

Here's another great screamo act from Sweden. Formed in Örebro 2007, by Andreas (bass, vocals), Rickard (guitar, vocals) and David (drums, vocals). Released their first demo at their first concert on September 13th 2008, playing together with Suis la lune. Has since continued playing small shows around southern Sweden and recently got their first ep out, named "Viskningar och rop" (cries and whispers in english). I really liked the demo when I first came across it earlier this year, but what I love is the new ep. They play screamo with a more experimental touch, sounding like post-metal pioneers Isis at places mixed with dirty hardcore skramz. I really look forward to hear more from them.


Download their demo and ep:

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