Monday, November 9, 2009

######Noise map######

I'll give a brief on what's going on.

I have a new internet connection now, that's slower. Which will probably make the uploads suffer a tad bit.

I had a wonderful weekend, especially the screamo/hardcore gig that I arranged at Friday (with Echo, echo, landscape!, If footmen tire you, what will horses do?, Meleeh and Suis la lune). Probably one of the years best shows, if not the best! Did a duet with Jon on Echo's song Andas, which was great fun. Just hope I did a good performance. Malysz Johan did great Vegan pie, with lots of spicy tofu. Saturday was more of a chill out day. Hanged out with my good friends Oscar and Aron, they are crazy dudes (and if you're from Sweden, you have to check out their radio show Noise map, which I'll talk more in the next topic). Sunday was also relaxing, me and Sara slept till 2 am, ate falafel and then she had to take the train home for school. Sucks more then 3000 miles to graceland, ass movie.

This week I'll have my first solo show ever, and also the second show under the name And they say. This will be happening on Saturday, and it'll be a show together with great friends Echo, echo, landscape!, If footmen tire you, what will horses do? and Sancta poenas (which is Dvala's first drummer Jimmy's band). I really look forward to do the gig, to finally be able to let out everything once again. I should really play live more often. Also my crazy dude Oscar from the radio show Noise map will do a phone interview with me, talking about my inspiration for writing the kind of music I do and so on. Maybe we'll talk about squares. I would like that. The interview will then be broadcast under one of their upcoming shows (in Swedish of course).

So as I've mentioned Noise map a few times now, so let's talk a bit more about this radio show that my friends in Lund hosts. Noise map is a radio show focusing on mostly noise music, but also other genres that has a lot to do with noise and other really cool stuff like the wood. It's made by Aron and Oscar, two crazy dudes that once lived in my hometown Vänersborg. This autumn they left to study in Lund, which is about 4 hours south from here. Suddenly they got this wonderful idea to do a radio show with noise elements, on Radio AF. They post all old episodes on the net, and every Tuesday 11 am(Swedish time) it's live. Not much more to say then that noise dudes and gals out there should check it (even if they talk in Swedish, they still play great music).

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