Monday, April 12, 2010

ChicagoJazzen - Låtar som morsan kommer hata

ChicagoJazzen is the brainchild of my friend Erik, living in a town in northern Sweden called Skellefteå. It's cold up there, but not far from cult music town Umeå (I guess you've heard of Refused, Cult of luna and Meshuggah?) and their classic vegan rullpizza, that Erik is known to love. He like to play GTA: San Andreas, hang with Erik motherfuckin Enocksson (he has a record coming out on Enockssons label) and write awesome music at home, often going in the lo-fi direction. He has also creating the term "hi-fi is for brats", falling drunk from his bicycle (hurting his hand ultimately) and kissed a girl at least once.

This is his latest "school-project" record called: "Låtar som morsan kommer hata" (songs that mom will hate), and it's a wild ride around the desert and manic synth landscapes. First off, there is a big GTA: San Andreas influence here, with four songs taking names from the game, and also more synth then he usually use, creating an interesting and almost funky sound. It's an unique world that builds up with the record, including 15 wonderful tracks during the 1 hour it lasts.


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