Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And they say - live at cafe mic 28/12/09

This was a special improvisation show that we had for friends and foes this Monday. It was a fun show, but we scared almost all of the 100+ attending the night (we played shortly after a acoustic Christmas show). They clearly got sick of the music and the two movies we showed in front of the stage. The movies showed were Ichi the killer and Perfect blue (both which was in black and white, without sound and with Finnish and Greek subtitles). My lovely girlfriend Sara also contributed with two paintings that we had on stage (together with Christmas trees, smoke machines and other decorations).

The show is split into 9 parts that lasts around one hour. It will also be released on cassette and cd at a later point. Limited of course.

And they say was at this show:

Oscar Forsman - radio manipulation/recorder
Samuel Svensson - keyboard/sound manipulation
Johan Blixt - vocals/percussion
Rickard Markström - guitar/sound manipulation/presentation

Download here:

Watch here: (there are 3 parts up)

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